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About PowerCAMPUS Self-Service


Developed by SunGard Higher Education, PowerCAMPUS Self-Service is an Internet software system designed to provide students, faculty, administrators, and other members of an educational institution's learning community with "anytime, anywhere" access to information services. PowerCAMPUS Self-Service leverages the information management capabilities of the PowerCAMPUS administrative software system.

In order to run PowerCAMPUS Self-Service, users must have a PC, Mac, or other personal computing device with an Internet connection and a standard Web browser that has Cookies and JavaScript enabled.

Minimum System Requirements

Your system must be running with the following software in order to use the PowerCAMPUS Self-Service application:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server R2
Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2005
PowerCAMPUS: PowerCAMPUS 7.4.1
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2.0, or Safari 2.0 with Cookies and JavaScript enabled
Web Server: IIS 6.0
.NET Framework: 3.5

After You Log In

After you log in, you will have immediate access to ALL the features that YOU need and have permission to use. If you are a student, you will be able to perform student functions, like view your academic plan, course schedule, and grades, register for classes, make payments, and so on. If you are a faculty member who is taking courses, you will be able to perform faculty and student functions. There is no need to switch roles to access different features.


SunGard or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries is the owner of numerous marks, including “SunGard,” the SunGard logo, “PowerCAMPUS,” "UDC,” and “Unified Digital Campus.” Other names and marks used in this material are owned by third parties.